This is the sequel to Scary Godmother: Halloween Spooktacular. The film was made in 2005, and was based off the the second Scary Godmother book. Most of the actors returned to voice their old characters, but some new actors were cast.


In the beginning, we see Harry sitting in a control room somewhere in Scary Godmother's house monitoring the special. His explanation of this is interrupted by Scary Godmother, who comes to remind him of the chores that he must do for her. After he promises to do them, Scary Godmother leaves, and Harry starts the show.

The scene changes to Jimmy's house, where we see him cowering in fear of the monsters (mainly Bug-a-boo) he saw last Halloween. His friends come in to see if he is ready for Halloween, and he explains to them his monster- proofed room and his plan to take down Halloween. His friends don't want a part in the plan, and leave him. We then see Hannah decorating her house for Halloween. She stops when Bug-a-boo surprises her by grabbing her ankle, and they begin to talk. While talking, Hannah remarks that she is running out of cobwebs. Bug-a-boo recommends using the skeleton key given to her by Scary Godmother to go visit her and retrieve more. Then Bug-a-boo left to scare Hannah's neighbor, and then Hannah goes to visit the Fright Side.

Upon arrival, Hannah sees that Scary Godmother and Mr. Pettibone are busy readying for the holiday. Hannah, not wanting to get in the way, offers to leave, but Scary Godmother tells her not to and makes her some cobwebs. Hannah asks for a phone to call Jimmy, she then asked him if he wants to go with her, Katie, Daryl, and Bert to go get Jack-o-lanterns. Jimmy then hangs up when he realizes they can't have Halloween if they don't have pumpkins. Hannah starts to get upset that Jimmy doesn't want to go with her, but then they hear knocking at the door, so. Scary Godmother asked if she can get the door. Orson, Max, and Ruby then visit, offering to get anything from the store for Scary Godmother, and to show everyone what Orson will be wearing for Halloween. After they leave. Hannah say good bye and goes home.

Back in the real world, Jimmy begins putting his plan into action by smashing up pumpkins, therefore taking away jack-o-lanterns and a part of Halloween. Upon discovery of this by Hannah, and Jimmy's friends, the Fight Side starts to change. All of the jack-o-lanterns disappear, as well as Bug-a-boo, Mr. Pettibone, and Harry. Hannah restores everything, however, by suggesting that they use they massive holes in the pumpkins as mouths and just draw on the other features

Upon seeing that his friends all have jack-o-lanterns, Jimmy puts the second phase of his plan into action. He goes to all the stores and mark the costumes as flammable and the candy as poison. This causes the Fright Side to start and disappear completely, making it seem like Halloween wasn't going to happen after all. Hannah once again saves the day, by coming up with an ideas to recommends reusing old costumes and making the candy.

No more Halloween

No more Halloween

The kids decide to have a Halloween party at the Spook House instead of just going trick of treating, but when Jimmy finds out about this, he uses the third phase of his plan by covering the Spook House with toilet paper. This causes such a disturbance on Halloween that Halloween disappears completely, causing the Fright Side to completely disappear. Hannah saves the day a final time, however, by suggesting that the toilet paper could be like ghost-like decorations. The Fright Side returns to normal, and the kids go into the Spook House.

The kids all go to the Fright Side, including Jimmy, who followed them. Once at Scary Godmother's house, everyone starts to dance and have fun, except for Jimmy, who steals the prize for the scariest costume.

When the time comes to announce the prize winner, nobody can find the prize because Jimmy still has it. Harry smells the candy, though, and charges after and fights with him over it. They run into Bug-a-boo, who is scared by Jimmy's costume and messed up face. Upon seeing that he scared Bug-a-boo, Scary Godmother announces that Jimmy is the winner, and gives him the prize, restoring his face to normal.

Upon the end of the special, we once again see Harry in the control room. Now, he's trying to persuade the audience to give him spare candy. He is busted by Mr. Pettibone and Scary Godmother, and Scary Godmother ends the program.


Hannah Marie: Britt McKillip

Scary Godmother: Tabitha St. Germain

Jimmy: Alexander Ludwig

Harry the Werewolf: Gary Chalk

Skully Pettibone: Scott McNeil

Bug-A-Boo: Gary Chalk

Count Max: Scott McNeil

Countess Ruby: Tabitha St. Germain

Orson: Richard Warke

Bert : Dexter Bell

Daryl: Nathan Tipple

Katie: Brittney Irvin