In this movie, Hannah Marie is excited to go trick or treating with her big cousin Jimmy and his friends. Jimmy tries to scare Hannah by making her go in to the spook house where she meets her Scary Godmother.


On Halloween night, Jimmy and his friends Katie, Daryl, and Bert go trick or treating with Jimmy's cousin Hannah Marie, who is scared of monsters. Deciding to play a prank on Hannah, they trick her into entering the spook house alone and frighten her with shadow puppets of monsters while locking her inside. This causes her to break down in tears. A witch named Scary Godmother appears and comforts her before taking her to the Fright Side on her broomstick. There, Hannah meets Scary Godmother's friends: a skeleton named Mr. Skully Pettibone, a werewolf named Harry, a large furry monster named Bug-a-boo, and a family of vampires: Count Max, Countess Ruby, and their son Orson. Hannah is at first terrified of them, especially Bug-a-boo, but eventually starts to warm up to them. The group proceed to celebrate Halloween. When Harry tries to flirt with Ruby, an annoyed Max retaliates by putting him to sleep, only to later accidentally wake him up. After Harry eats all the food, the others quickly decide to order pizza as replacement food. Harry orders twelve pizzas, but Scary Godmother realizes that she doesn't have enough money to pay for the order, so she and the others search through Bug-a-boo's fur for any money stuck to him, eventually finding enough to complete the payment. Harry then tries to sneak away with the pizza, but is stopped by Scary Godmother, who is angry with his incompetence as the others take the pizzas from him. Harry reluctantly agrees to work for Scary Godmother all year long to avoid punishment. After Hannah befriends Bug-a-boo, he explains that his job is to scare kids, not eat them (which is what Jimmy told Hannah). Scary Godmother, seeing that Jimmy and his friends need to be taught a lesson for the trick that they played on Hannah, hatches a plan. Meanwhile, Jimmy and his friends laugh at their trick while waiting for Hannah to come out screaming, but after a while, they decide to look for Hannah themselves when she does not come out. They are frightened by Scary Godmother and her friends before Hannah comes to the rescue and "defeats" the monsters using her flashlight. After Jimmy and his friends run away, Hannah thanks her new friends as Scary Godmother gives her a skeleton key that, when used on a door, can take her back to the Fright Side whenever she wants. After Hannah says goodbye to Scary Godmother and leaves along with a now terrified Jimmy, Harry asks if there's any pizza left. The others angrily approach him.


Scary Godmother: Tabitha St. Germain

Hannah Marie: Britt Mckillip

Jimmy: Will Friedle

Mr. Skully Pettibone: Scott McNeil

Bug-A-Boo: Gary Chalk

Harry: Gary Chalk

Count Max: Scott McNeil

Countess Ruby: Tabitha St. Germain

Orson: Adam Pospisil

Katie: Lacey Chabert

Daryl: Athony Asbury

Bert: Kevin Kleinbeirg

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