Orson is the preteen son of Count Max and Countess Ruby, and is also the prince of the night. Orson is Hannah-Marie's best friend, and has secret crush on her.


Orson seems to be a cool goth vampire, but unlike his parents he's more modern then them. He is nerdy, shy, and curious even though he does have a few creepy moments, and has a affection for Hannah who is his first human, friend, and crush.


Orson is seen with large, circular-framed glasses and a red-striped sweater with a skeleton tank top layered over. He has pale skin and red eyes, as is typical for vampires.


Scary Godmother: Halloween Spooktakular

Orson is first shown at the door of Scary Godmother, with his parents Count Max and Countess Ruby, to attend the Halloween party. Then he soon meets Hannah and became fast friends.

Scary Godmother: The Revenge of Jimmy

Orson appears in the second film along with his parents at Scary Godmother's house to see if she needed anything before going to the store, when seeing Hannah there, Orson forgets that vampires need to be invited in homes and runs in only to be pushed back out by a force that keeps vampires from invading houses.


Hannah Marie : Hannah and Orson are best friends and are always with each other a lot at Scary Godmother's Halloween Parties since they're the only kids there. They both seem to have secret crushes on each other shown in both films and in the books. Hannah is the first human Orson meets, and they quickly become friends. Through out the whole party, they're seen around each other, not one seen without the other.

Count Max and Countess Ruby: Both are Orson's parents that can easily embarrass him time to time.



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