Harry is an albino werewolf. He's another one of Scary Godmother's Broommates. He resides in her basement. Harry is a stereotype of a "Comic Book Fan". He is the narrator of the second film Scary Godmother: The Revenge of Jimmy.


He loves treats. Candy, especially. He is very lazy. He tends to sleep on Bug-a-Boo's bed if he's not trying to eat as much candy or food as he can find. He usually tries to speak fancy, and had a very booming voice.


He wears a blue shirt with sheep on it.


  • Harry is loosely based off of a real life roommate, series creator, Jill Thompson once lived with.
  • He wears a sheep pattern on his shirt, which is a nod to a popular phrase "A wolf in sheep's clothing"
  • He shares the same voice actor as Bug-A-Boo (Garry Chalk)
  • According to Revenge of Jimmy, Harry presides at Ackerman Forest, Frightside.
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